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Premium Non Slip Velvet Hanger

Premium Non Slip Velvet Hanger Black and Peach Ultra Thin Space Saving 360 Degree Swivel Hook Strong and Durable Attractive Black and Peach velvet non slip hangers featuring 360 degree swivel, shiny, chrome hooks and notched shoulders that will make hanging clothes a simple pleasure! The soft texture of the velvet clothes hangers grips delicate items such as camisoles and tanks with ease, while its sturdy, yet lightweight construction can withstand a maximum weight of 10 pounds ideal for hanging heavy garments such as coats. Free up to 50 percent more space on a garment rack with the ultra thin profile of these space-saving slim velvet hangers. The shoulder line on the black and peach velvet hangers is contoured to help preserve clothes shape and features precisely-cut notches for keeping straps in place. Pant hangers feature a horizontal bar that is covered in luxurious velvet that both grips and prevents creases. Before 1st use: rinse hangers under cold water for 30 seconds to remove any residue and twist the hook with light force to engage the swivel.

Velvet Baby Clothes Hanger

Velvet Baby Clothes Hangers, Toddler Kids Hangers with Swivel Hook, Notched Shoulder Design for Kids and Children Clothes(Baby Pink) Dimensions: L 11 x W 0.2 x H 7. 30 pack of baby clothes hangers are enough for you to accommodate your babys clothes, and these hangers would be a high end look in your babys wardrobe. Velvet covers the surface of the kids hangers, helping clothes keep from getting wrinkled. A bonus it also feels so soft to the touch. The hook on this baby coat hanger can be turned freely on an all-round 360 degree; its convenient and flexible whenever you want to hang or access childrens clothing. Two notches are precisely cut at the end of each kids hanger in this special design to keep any clothes with strap to from falling off. The thickness of this baby hanger is only 0.2in which takes up less space compared to other hangers. Get started on saving up your baby wardrobe space as much as possible by using our ultra-thin and durable hanger now!

Wooden Suit Hangers

Wooden Suit Hangers with Non Slip Pants Bar, Smooth Finish Solid Wood Hanger with 360 Swivel Hook Sturdy Construction - Comparing with cheaper woods and plastic hanger, this hardwood coat hangers is with sturdy hardwood construction to hold firmly and won't bend. Functional - With notches and non-slip bars on it, the coat hangers are easy for hanging dresses, coats, jackets, pants, and heavy clothes. Smooth - All the solid wood hangers were deburred, sanded down, and polished to make the surface very smoothly to avoid hurting you or damaging your clothes. Space Saving - The standard hanger is a great tool for storing and space saving of your closet! Natural - Made of first-grade natural thecae wood, the solid wood hanger is without any Chemical smell.

Pant & Skirt Hanger

Pant/Skirt Hangers with Clips 12 Inches Metal Trouser Hangers with Adjustable Non-Slip Clips Hangers Space Saving Metal pant hangers are made of high-grade stainless steel which is not easy to rust and fade. These skirt hangers with 2 strong chrome plated clips provide a perfect grasping force, ensuring clothes never fall. These 2 clips of pant hangers can be moved side to side to fit the different sizes garments, from adults to children. Rather than other bulky wood hangers, our metal skirt hangers are ultra-thin so they take up less space in the closet

Slack Pant Hanger

Slack Pant Hangers Trousers Jean Hangers Open Ended Sturdy & Durable with Slide Organizers, Chrome and Black Friction (30pcs) Made of stainless steel with ecofriendly black rubber paint coating No worry about deformation even if put multiple items on the same pant hangers Maximize your storage room in your closet, slack hangers can also be used with scarves, ties, cover ups and towels No sharp edges, well protect your clothes and your hands No slip bar for pants hangers, fits standard closet rails, Approx Jean Hangers Size: 14.5*6.1*0.2 inch

Plastic Slack Pant Hangers

AmberHome Plastic Slack Pant Hangers Skirt Hangers With Metal Clips, Strong and Sturdy Clear Made of Clear Heavy Duty Plastic Shirt Hangers With Clips Perfect for Skirt, Pants pants or strapless garments Features a 360 degree polished znic swivel hook for easy accessibility Keep your skirt pant well organized, maintain them in natural shape. Approx. Slack Pant Hangers Size: 14\"(W) with 2 adjustable clips

Children Cloth Coat Hanger

AmberHome Children Cloth Coat Hanger Multi Color, Safe Sturdy and Durable
  • The plastic is flexible to minimize the risk of breaking. Trouser hanger, skirt hanger and shirt hanger in one.

Jute Small and Big Natural Bag Eco Friendly

  • Material : Jute
  • Color : Natural
  • Size : 30 x 30 x 15 cms
  • Size : 34 x 43 x 15 cms

Jute Bag White Small Eco Friendly

  • Material : Jute
  • Color : White
  • Size : 30 x 30 x 15 cms

Jute Bag Black Small Eco Friendly

  • Material : Jute
  • Color : Black
  • Size : 30 x 30 x 15 cms

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